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Coloured Diamond Jewellery

Discover the world of extraordinary fancy coloured diamonds, captured in unique Monamica jewellery designs.

Handmade by Antwerp's Finest

Monamica Jewellery is created in the world's diamond capital - Antwerp.

The are perhaps no other jewels in the world that match the magnificence and preciousness of natural fancy coloured diamonds. At Monamica we continue to craft extraordinary jewellery that honours these rare and sensational stones.

Our headquarters in Antwerp give us the access to diamonds of the highest quality and an opportunity to work with world-class goldsmiths and the most renowned institutes in the diamond industry. Every stone used in production is rigorously checked and selected by our experts. Fancy coloured diamonds come as rare as 1 in 1000 and from those, only a handful match the criteria to be added to our collection.

Unmatched Quality

Each piece of Monamica jewellery is handcrafted with the highest attention to detail.

  • 18-carat
  • Luxury
  • Lifetime
  • Unique
  • 4 colours
    of gold
  • Highest quality

The Monamica Difference

Our main priority is to provide our clients with the most comfortable shopping experience. By choosing Monamica, you choose a lifetime of service and support.

Lifetime of Service

Lifetime guarantee, complimentary care, maintenance and cleaning of your jewellery.

Complimentary Shipping

Fully insured, complimentary shipping, returns and resizing for a care-free experience.

Unparalleled Support

Meet with one of our experts at our luxury showrooms or opt for a virtual consultation.
We guarantee responsible sourcing, authenticity and legality of our diamonds. Each stone is certified by one of the most respectable gemological institutes.

Jewellery of Your Dreams

To bring out the unique potential of coloured diamonds, we work with some of the most talented jewellery designers with multiple awards to their name. Furthermore, we give you the opportunity to design your one-of-a-kind bespoke jewellery with their help.

Visit our Showroom

Hovenierstraat 2, 2018, Belgium

Wroniecka 24, 61-470, Poland

Al. Jana Pawła II 22, 00-133, Poland

ul. Śląska 43A, 70-431, Poland

We're here to help

Our diamond experts are available to answer any questions regarding our jewellery, services, your order and more via phone, livechat or email..

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