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Fancy Orange Diamonds

What are Orange Diamonds?

Natural orange diamonds are one of the rarest and most valuable coloured diamonds, as pure orange occurs in only one in 10,000 mined stones. Their unusual, fiery colour has been particularly appreciated in the last few years, resulting in high demand and a constantly rising price.

Owing the elegance and timelessness to their unusual colour, orange diamonds will also certainly look magnificent while decorating an engagement ring. This option provides a unique gift that will emphasize the beauty of its beholder.

The origin of Orange Diamonds

Orange diamonds are incredibly rare coloured stones. Like the rest, the orange hue also originates due to defects in the diamond’s crystal lattice. In the case of orange diamonds, the defect is nitrogen, which is also the cause of the yellow hue. Nitrogen is then the most common chemical element that intrudes into the diamond’s structure.

The difference between yellow and orange diamonds is relatively small and can be determined based on the distribution of visible light over a specific wavelength. Colours can be recognized using a certain device called an infrared spectrometer. Typically, if nitrogen absorption is detected at wavelengths less than 510 nm, a yellow colour is visible. If, on the other hand, nitrogen absorption is above 600 nm, it usually appears orange.

Colour intensity of Orange diamonds

Orange diamond
All fancy-coloured diamonds are evaluated based on many factors. One of them is the level of hue intensity, which determines its saturation. It is a separate feature from the darkness of the colour, which relates to a different colour characteristic - tone. Hue intensity is an incredibly important factor in coloured diamonds because it determines what is visible at first glance.

Fancy orange diamond hue intensity scale:

• Faint Orange
• Very Light Orange
• Light Orange
• Fancy Light Orange
• Fancy Orange
• Fancy Intense Orange
• Fancy Vivid Orange
• Fancy Deep Orange
• Fancy Dark Orange

Despite its similar origin, orange hue, as opposed to yellow hue, exists in all possible intensities, from Faint to Fancy Dark. As mentioned in our article on Yellow Diamonds, those are not available in Faint to Light intensities due to their association with colourless diamonds. Orange diamonds, on the other hand, are defined as a completely different hue of coloured diamonds, which also makes their classification differ from yellow diamonds.

The intensity levels also significantly influence the value of a diamond. The more intense the colour, the more expensive the diamond will be. So for the example of an orange diamond, the most valuable colour would be Fancy Vivid Orange, and the least valuable - Faint Orange.

Orange diamonds prices

Average wholesale prices for an orange diamond with good specifications range from $ 14,000* per carat to around $ 264,000* per carat. Such high prices put orange diamonds on the podium in terms of their value. However, it should be borne in mind that the prices refer to pure orange colour, which is extremely rare in the case of orange diamonds. They are much more commonly occurring with complementing colours, affecting their price. For example, the price of an orange diamond with a brown tint (Fancy Brownish Orange) of the same specifications would range from about $ 5,000 per carat to about $ 65,000 per carat.

Average orange diamonds price ranges with the specifications:

•    Clarity: VS
•    Shape: Cushion
•    Cut: Good
•    Polish/symmetry: Very good
•    Complementary hue: None
•    Fluorescence: None

Orange diamonds prices
All prices are per 1 carat – to get an actual diamond’s price, multiply the given price by the carat weight

Interestingly, when comparing orange diamonds with also very valuable Pink Diamonds - in the case of lower carat weight brilliants, orange diamonds often have higher prices. For a 0.50 Ct Fancy Vivid Pink diamond, the price ranges from $ 131,000 per carat to $ 157,000 per carat, while the orange diamond prices of the same specification range from $ 213,000 per carat up to $ 256,000 per carat, as noted on the table above. When it comes to larger diamonds, the prices are similar with an advantage of pink diamonds.

*price refers to a diamond of 0.50 Ct weight, VS clarity, no complementary hues, cushion shape, good cut/polish/symmetry, and no fluorescence

Complementary hues of Orange diamonds

Coloured diamonds may exist as completely pure in a given shade, i.e. presenting only one colour, but may also have a secondary colour. Complementary colours affect the overall shade of a diamond and can drastically change the diamond's appearance, despite the identical specification of other factors.

Orange is actually a combination of yellow and red colour, thus orange diamonds can come in a variety of colours ranging from those more subtle Yellow Orange tones to fiery Red Orange.

In the case of orange diamonds, the most typical complementary colours are yellow, brown or pink. The commonness of a given colour has therefore an impact on the final value of the diamond. In addition to the mentioned before colours, orange diamonds may also occur with a tint of red, but such phenomenon is incredibly rare due to the rarity of the red colour among coloured diamonds. Secondary colours can either increase or decrease the value of an orange diamond. The colours that will increase its value are red and pink, and those that decrease the price are brown and yellow.

Orange diamonds are usually mixed with yellow and brown secondary colours. That said, pure orange colour is extremely rare, leading to a significant increase in prices.

Orange diamonds in engagement rings

The appearance of the ring depends not only on the type of diamond but also on the ring's setting. Those are available in many different styles and colours. When it comes to fancy coloured diamonds, the factor affecting their hue the most is the colour of the band. Some of the settings' colours include white, yellow and pink gold.

Fancy orange diamond ring in white gold
White gold combined with an orange diamond gives a beautiful contrast of warm and cool tones. Distinct diamond and setting colours emphasize the orange brilliant while accentuating the intensity of its hue.

Fancy orange diamond ring in yellow gold
Yellow gold perfectly fits with the orange, warm hue. This type of mix additionally emphasizes the diamond's colour and, overall, creates an elegant yet subtle engagement ring.

Fancy orange diamond ring in rose gold
Rose gold is the least common combination when it comes to orange diamonds. Rose gold delicately accentuates the diamond's orange tones and, similarly to yellow gold, emphasizes its hue.

Famous Natural Orange Diamonds

The Orange Diamond
•    The Orange Diamond
As the name suggests, this orange diamond is The Orange diamond, representing a true orange hue, which saturation was rated Fancy Vivid - the most valuable on the intensity scale. Orange diamonds rather rarely make it to the podium of the most expensive diamonds, but this extraordinary diamond broke the record for being the most valuable orange diamond in the world. This diamond, weighing 14.82 Ct and having VS 1 clarity, was sold at an auction for an incredible price of $ 35.5 million.

•    The Pumpkin Diamond
Before the world knew about The Orange diamond, this one was the most famous orange diamond. At 5.54 Ct, The Pumpkin diamond represents a Fancy Vivid Orange colour. The day before Halloween in 1997, to which it owes its name, it was sold at a Sotheby's auction to Harry Winston jewellery company for $ 1.3 million. Then two extra colourless brilliants were added to the ring on both sides of the orange diamond. The ring's price is now estimated at over $ 3 million.

•    The Koi Diamond
This orange diamond is definitely one of the most interesting diamonds in the world, thanks to its unordinary aesthetics. It was found in Kongo in the early 21st century, weighing 60 Ct. Then, in 2008, it was cut into a 32 Ct diamond. As a result of this change, the diamond resembles now the Japanese koi fish, after which it was named.
Fancy Yellow Diamond ring in black gold

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