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Engagement Rings

When you've finally found your one true love and decided to spend the rest of your life with them, the next step is to find an equally great ring. Beauty always comes from within, so in order to find a perfect ring it's essential to know the story it tells, as well as its symbolism.

Browse by Style

Every style at Monamica exhibits the stones in various ways, to accentuate their uniqueness. Each crafted with passion and attention to detail, which ensures the jewellery's highest quality. That makes for a wide range of engagement rings, able to fit every personality.

Learn About Diamond Rings

Combining ring style with a setting, creates a unique piece of jewellery, displaying the diamond's glory. Each of the combinations tells a different story, highlighting the stone's character. When choosing a ring, it's important to understand the story behind it, to make sure it's the best one for your significant other.

Ring Styles and Settings

Learn about different diamond ring settings and discover the silhouette that best captures your imagination.

Pink double halo ring side view
Nine yellow and orange loose diamonds

Coloured Diamonds Guide

Learn more about natural fancy coloured diamonds. Know what makes them so incredible and learn how to choose only the highest quality stones.

The 4Cs

Discover how cut, clarity, colour and carat weight contribute to your colourless diamond’s beauty.

Heart-shaped colourless diamond emiting light

Monamica Experience

Monamica offers exceptional service and unparalleled support for your best experience.

A person cleaning a ring

Lifetime Warranty

Just like diamonds, Monamica's premium service is forever. From the moment of purchasing a jewellery, we'll take care of all your needs, including repair, resizing or polishing and provide a full lifetime warranty.

A man holding a box with a ring

Help of Diamond Experts

We can assist you in choosing the right engagement ring and answer every question you may have regarding diamonds or jewellery. Customer satisfaction is always our number one priority.

A person drawing a ring design

Bespoke Jewellery

Celebrate your special bond with a custom engagement ring, wedding bands, anniversary gift or other one-of-a-kind jewellery. With our help you can design a jewel as unique as your love story.

Find the Perfect Fit

Whether you are planning a surprise proposal or simply wish to obtain an accurate ring size measurement, you can read through our printable size guide.

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