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High Jewellery Collection

Monamica Privé

Fancy Coloured Diamonds are the most marvellous precious stones that exist in the world. Their extraordinary rarity makes them the object of desire and true beauty. No other stone possesses the uniqueness of Coloured Diamonds, as well as their exceptional appearance. Monamica Privé presents the Collection of the most remarkable Fancy Coloured Diamond High Jewellery.

The Secret of Beauty

Wonderful Fancy Coloured Diamond High Jewellery is handcrafted using diamonds of the finest quality. Each piece of jewellery is defined by its history, as well as the unique composition of shapes and colours, transforming it into an unordinary work of art.

Yellow Diamond Halo Bracelets

Extraordinary bracelets featuring an amazing collection of Fancy Yellow, Orange and Brown cushion or pear-shaped diamonds, each surrounded by sparkling brilliants in an open pave halo setting.

Orange and Yellow Diamond Pendant

This amazing necklace presents a wonderful collection of Fancy Yellow and Orange diamonds. The stones come in a range from Light, through Intense, to Deep tones. The incredible set of colours creates this astonishing necklace, which brilliance is even more intensified with additional colourless diamonds, put around the central stones.

Pink Diamond Earrings

Earrings of exquisite beauty, present two unordinary pink diamonds. Stones of total 1.06 Ct are embedded in elegant yellow gold. The pear-shaped cut, along with high clarity, showcases the beautiful light pink hues in a subtle manner.

Argyle Pink Diamond Bracelet

The breathtaking beauty of this magnificent tennis bracelet is highlighted by fifteen stunning and rare Argyle Fancy Pink diamonds. The center stones are set in an open pave halos with colourless brilliants, while the rest of the bracelet is embellished with contrasting pink diamonds. All mounted in 18K rose gold, to further celebrate the beauty of the pinkish hue.

Yellow Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

A fabulous Fancy Brownish Yellow diamond ring. The ring features an outstanding Fancy Yellow 1.32 cts., emerald cut center stone accented by round Yellow and colourless diamonds set in an open pave double halo and continuing along the shank. The ring is mounted in 18K white and yellow gold and comes with a GIA diamond certificate.

Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

A fabulous 18K yellow gold ring featuring a stunning 1.7 cts Fancy Deep Brownish Greenish Yellow diamond. This cushion cut stone is complimented by 12 brilliants styled in a halo setting. The shank is decorated with diamonds set in a closed pave

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