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Ring Styles and Settings

Discover various styles and settings, representing more classic approaches, like solitaire rings, or contemporary halo or pavé designs. All crafted with an exquisite precision and devotion to beauty.

What Are Ring Styles and Settings?

When choosing a ring and deciding on its appearance, it's crucial to know various styles and settings, with each having individual characteristics. While one style or setting may fit one person, doesn't mean it will work for another. Some present diamonds in the most magnificent and luxurious way, while other provide a more modern approach, at the same time making the ring easier to maintain. In short, style is responsible for the overall design of the ring and its aesthetic, whereas setting refers to how the diamonds are exhibited, the mounting or setting the diamonds into the band. Nonetheless, both style and setting are incredibly important and affect the appearance of the ring, creating various unique combinations.
halo rings with pink diamonds

Halo Rings

Halo rings feature one special center stone, surrounded with a collection of small pavé diamonds, which increase the sparkle of the ring and enlarge the central stone. The glow and size can be enhanced even more, using a double halo, while adding diamonds in different hues make it more versatile and colourful. The modernized vintage appearance of this type of ring provides a bolder, but still very classic choice.

Solitaire Rings

The most traditional and elegant style, the solitaire, features one single diamond. The simple appearance and no additional accents emphasize the diamond itself and provide a very delicate design. The beauty of the diamond can be altered using different settings and shapes of diamonds, which all fit perfectly for this style. The timeless design of this type of ring creates an everlasting piece of jewellery, that will shine bright forever and always.

solitaire rings with yellow diamonds
three stone rings with yellow diamonds

Three Stone Rings

The three stone style, also refered to as trinity or trilogy, presents three stunning diamonds, with the middle one usually being slightly bigger. These rings can feature all kinds of diamond shapes and settings, which create a one-of-a-kind design. This unique style tells a beautiful story of the lovers and reflects a beautiful symbolism of the couple's past, present and future.

Band Rings

The band-styled rings introduce a different approach to ring design. Its main characteristic is, as the name suggests, the band, which is wide and strong and gives off an independent aura. This design is perfect for fitting multiple diamonds, which can be additionally complemented with accenting stones. The uniqueness of this type of ring is highlighted by the exclusive choice of diamonds, giving it a luxurious appearance.

band rings with yellow and brown diamonds

The Art of Diamond Settings

Monamica's meticulous ways of displaying a diamond always maximize its fire and beauty. For every single diamond the setting is based on its individual characteritics to exhibit the unique style. The diamond's detailing is inspected by our experts to make sure of the stone's perfect quality and appearance.

Here are a few of the types of ring settings that we offer.

Prong Setting

Prong setting, also reffered to as claw setting, is the most common type of setting. The prongs extend from the base and hug the diamond, which acts like a cradle for the diamond, holding it securely. This setting opens up the structure and attracts more light into the stone. The versatility of this setting makes it suitable for every diamond shape, while its classic and sophisticated appearance is proven to never go out of style.

prong setting on a halo ring with heart-shaped yellow diamond
pavé setting on a halo ring with pear-shaped yellow diamond

Pavé Setting

Pavé setting, which is pronounced as "pa-vay", comes from the French word for "paved". It involves putting individual accent diamonds closely together, which attracts more light and makes the ring unrelentigly shiny. This setting is a perfect way of enriching the appearance of a simple-looking ring, to give it some extra sparkle, while keeping its delicate shape.

Channel Setting

Channel setting, similarly to pavé setting, provides a way of decorating the ring's band with smaller stones, but in this case, in a more secure way. The diamonds are set in a channel, which traps them into the band, creating a clean and bright appearance with a seamless finish. The closed structure protects the diamonds, which still very vividly shine, accentuating the center stone's glow.

channel setting on a double halo ring with pink diamonds
bezel setting on a solitaire ring wih oval yellow diamond

Bezel Setting

Bezel setting, as the second most popular setting, holds the diamond in the most secure way, giving it a sleek appearance. The diamond is encased along the edges in a sheath, which completly protects it from snaging. It's also a setting that's easiest to maintenance. The bezel setting gives a somewhat retro touch to the ring, which makes it more unique, but on the other hand, the simplicity fits perfectly into today's fashion.

Jewellery Inspired by You

Although Monamica offers a wide range of ring styles, there's always an option to create a custom design made specifically for you. With your help, we can design a ring, that will fit perfectly to your or your loved one's personality and soul.
five yellow diamonds

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Help of Diamond Experts

We can assist you in choosing the right engagement ring and answer every question you may have regarding diamonds or jewellery. Customer satisfaction is always our number one priority.

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The Perfect Engagement

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